HardShell Bottom Yard Waste Bags

HardShell Bottom Yard Waste Bags

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HardShell Bottom Yard Waste Bags

Being a gardener means finding multi-purpose gardening products. If not, you might find yourself piling up gardening products that could have been avoided. Sometimes mowing the lawn or weeding is perfect until the time comes when you are done, and all the leaves or garden waste are piled on one spot. Removing the garden waste, leaves, or mowed grass from your beautiful landscape now comes in mind. It would help if you had a sturdy bag with a large capacity to carry as much waste as possible. Suppose you can find a large and durable bag to make your outdoor cleaning chores more manageable, the better. Our custom HardShell bottom Yard Waste Bags offers you a quick and convenient option for your outdoor cleanup.


Features Of Yard Waste Bags

Large Capacity

This large-capacity Yard Waste Bag makes it easy and convenient to carry a lot of medium-weight garden waste. When gardening, you don’t have to empty the bag now and then when it’s full. The large size allows you to carry a lot of garden waste.


Strong and Durable

Our custom hardshell bottom Yard Waste Bag is made using highly durable material. It has a HardShell base that makes it easy to drag around the garden. The hard shell base won’t tear even if you pull the container with the garden waste over some rough terrain. The handles are sturdy, which provides easy and comfortable carrying and unloading. When dragging the bag filled with garden waste, you don’t have to worry about damaging the bag. It is built for it.



This Yard Waste Bag is made with a custom design, making it a perfect multi-purpose bag in the house. You can use it to collect yard waste, toys, or laundry off the drying line. The big size makes it perfect to fit as many items as possible.


Easy To Use

Our custom hardshell bottom Yard Waste Bags adds a level of convenience to your household. The bag can be used and cleaned easily, and it can also be used to store toys or collect laundry on top of garden waste. The HardShell has a water mesh that lets out water to avoid water pooling. If you need to store it, the bag can fold up to less than three inches, saving you space. You can even hang it in the garage and unfold it when needed.


Our products support any size, shape, material customization. Contact us to get started now!


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