Custom Round Patio Table Cover

Patio furniture is an outdoor investment. Your patio set gives you joy and pleasure, but soon as the summer season wanes, you are left to stay indoors and spend no time cuddling on your patio furniture. When this time comes, you want to protect the furniture from snow, water, debris, and wind. You want to find the patio furniture the same way you left it, dry and ready for use. How else can you achieve this if you don’t have a round patio table cover? The furniture cover protects your outdoor furniture from weather elements when it’s not in use. Our custom round patio furniture cover is designed to wrap around your chairs or tables. If you want to get the best out of the patio furniture cover, it is best to understand what to expect from the cover.


Features Of Round Patio Table Cover


It’s not all the time you are worried about snowing or wind blowing debris on your furniture. If you want to keep the furniture dry and in good-looking condition, get the Vailge patio furniture cover. It is waterproof and protects your furniture from rainwater, humidity, and snow.


Weather Resistant

Getting a waterproof cover is impressive, but what if you can get an all-weather-resistant cover? This cover is dust resistant and has a waterproof and UV-resistant coating to protect the furniture from sunlight. Sun, dirt, rain, or snow won’t come near your patio furniture.


Easy to Use

Our custom round patio furniture cover has padded handles that make the cover easier to fit and remove. The handles can also be used to hang it for storage. The waterproof fabric makes it easy to clean. Simply hose the cover with water, and the dirt disappears.


Tight Custom Fit

This round furniture cover comes with two fastening straps to prevent the cover from being lifted and blown off by wind and helps the cover fit tightly on the round table. The air vents help reduce inside condensation and wind lofting, preventing mold build-up and rust.


High Quality

The cover is made with heavy-duty, high-quality 600D oxford fabric with a UV-resistant coating, tear-resistant, and fade-resistant features.

The patio furniture cover comes in different sizes, but it is always wise to check your furniture’s dimensions to provide a tight custom fit. The cover provides maximum protection for your patio furniture with minimal care.


Our products support any size, shape, material customization. Contact us to get started now!



How to Use the Round Patio Table Cover?

1) When you cover your furniture with this cover, because usually, the chair is higher than the table, it will form a low point on the middle of the cover and easy to collect water and debris. It will shorten the lifetime of the cover when times are going. We suggest you put some slightly higher round things to raise up the cover so that the water and debris can be flow down through the line. The raised part can also provide airflow between the cover and furniture.

2)Please clean the table set cover regularly. Our Round Patio Table Cover was makes of waterproof fabric make the cover easy to clean. Simply use a soft hairbrush with water to clean.No machines wash or dry clean.