Custom Rectangular Patio Table Cover


Patio furniture needs to be taken care of. The table spends its life outdoors subjected to all weather elements in and out of season. If you want your patio furniture to stay in pristine condition, looking brand new, you have to figure out how to protect the furniture. Buying a cover for the furniture is the best thing you can do for your patio tables. Despite the shape or size, protecting the furniture is the main aim. Our custom patio table cover does the best in protecting your outdoor patio tables.


Features Of  Rectangular Patio Table Cover


Made with Oxford fabric, this patio table cover does a good job keeping water away from your patio table. The material has an added UV stabilized coating and water-resistant laminated backing. This helps prevent water from seeping through the table cover. Your patio furniture stays dry and ready to use at any time.


Easy to Use

When it comes to convenience, our custom patio table cover has it all. It has large padded handles that make removal of the cover easy. It also has air vents that reduce condensation inside the furniture and lofting.


Custom Fit

Our custom table covers provide your furniture with maximum protection. The cover features heavy-duty 600D Oxford fabric. The cover has adjustable cord lock closure to allow for a tight custom fit. The elastic belted hem with the click-close straps gives your furniture a customizable fit. Even in the windiest conditions, the cover isn’t blown off or lifted by the wind.

Our custom outdoor furniture covers come with a UV stabilized coating and a waterproof laminated backing. It doesn’t matter if your patio furniture is exposed to the sun or snow all its life. The cover provides excellent protection leaving the furniture looking brand new and ready to use all the time.

This patio furniture cover is easy to clean, and you can use a soft hairbrush to wipe off the dust. No dry clean or machine wash to prevent damage to the weather-resistant coating. If you have glass furniture, you don’t have to be worried about leaving it outside in the snow. With this cover, the glass table won’t break as it doesn’t come into contact with the snow. Even in humid areas, your furniture stays dry all the time, thanks to the air vents on the side of the cover. Make sure to measure your furniture before purchasing the cover, and please note it is not fireproof, so keep it away from open flames.


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