Custom Waterproof Garden Waste Bags for Your Gardening


Gardening is fun until all the garden waste starts to rot, producing a pungent smell. The garden is green and booming, but the foul smell makes it unbearable outside. After a full day of gardening, the garden waste must be removed from the garden. Sure after a while, it will be manure for your plants, but if you can bear with the smell of rotten weed. To help get rid of garden waste, you need a sturdy and eco-friendly bag, and this custom garden waste bag has you sorted.


Features Of Garden Waste Bags


Heavy Duty

The garden trash bag is made with durable polypropylene woven fabric. It also comes with four strong handles reinforced with double-stitched webbing. This makes it easy to carry the bag while handling a large amount of garden waste.


Large Capacity

The garden bag comes with a 72-gallon maximum capacity. The bag can carry a maximum weight of 120lbs. When using the bag, it stays open thanks to the flexible plastic hoops on top, which also helps with stability. This also makes it easier to fill and empty. This feature is useful when carrying bulky materials such as dry leaves and grass.



When working out in the field, it is hard to prevent water from getting anywhere near your garden waste. If you are working with wet garden waste, the bag is water-resistant, containing the water in the bag. If you want the garden waste dry, no outside water comes near the inside of the bag. It is also tear-resistant, which makes the material hold even under a lot of strain.


Environmentally Friendly Material

The bag is reusable and made with polypropylene material that is environmentally friendly as well. The material is odorless, skin-friendly, and groundwater neutral.

The large size of the bag makes it ideal for collecting huge amounts of garden waste. Since the bag is very big, heavy waste such as wet grass or roots should be half-filled as the bag might become too heavy to lift off the ground. When not in use, the garden bag can be cleaned and folded to save you space in storage. It is an ideal product for your garden that you can use all-year-round. You can use it to carry any garden waste from roots, sticks to weeds from your garden. It is also easy to clean and dry for storage.